How to Craft a Trifling Glyph of Health?

Trifling glyphs of health are a dime a dozen. How do you make yours stand out from the masses?

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In The Elder Scrolls Online, glyphs are special additions to your weapons, armor and jewelry that grant you additional effects. Glyphs of Health are created by using an Okori rune and an Additive Potency rune. To create a glyph of health, you must have a Subtractive Potency rune and an Additive Essence rune. The amount of health granted by the glyph is determined by the strength of the runes used.

The simplest way to create a glyph of health is to use an Okori rune and an Additive Potency rune. This will give you a glyph with a value of 12 for your health. If you want to increase the value of your glyph, you can use a Subtractive Potency rune in addition to the Okori and Additive runes. The value of the Subtractive Potency rune will be subtracted from the value of the Okori and Additive runes, resulting in a higher value for your health glyph. For example, if you use a Ta means that your total health would be increased by 48%.

In order to create a Trifling Glyph of Health, you will need the following items:
-Okori Rune
-Additive Potency Rune
-Subtractive Potency Rune
-Blank Glyph

The Trifling Glyph of Health

The Trifling Glyph of Health is a glyph that can be crafted by scribes. It is used for enchanting items.

To craft the glyph, you will need the following materials:
– 1 Pristine Solar Essence
– 1 Pristine Lunar Essence
– 1 Pristine Stellar Essence
– 20 Arcane Dust

Once you have gathered the necessary materials, you will need to find a crafting station. The closest one to your current location is in Darnassus. To get there, take the portal from Stormwind City in the Mage Quarter. Once you arrive in Darnassus, head to the Craftsmen’s Terrace and look for Kariel Winthalus. He is standing next to the first Aid training dummy. Talk to him and he will give you the quest “Glyph Chasing.”

Follow the quest instructions and return to Kariel Winthalus when you have finished crafting the glyph. He will then teach you how to apply it to an item.

What You Need to Know

In order to craft a Trifling Glyph of Health, you will need to know the following:

-The recipe for the glyph (you can find this in a crafting book or online)
-Which reagents you need (see below)
-Access to a crafting station


-Small portion of healthstone
-Lesser bloodstone dust
-Alchemical catalyst (optional)


1.Start by heating the healthstone in a fire or furnace, until it is soft enough to be worked.

2.Add the lesser bloodstone dust and glowdust to the healthstone, and mix thoroughly.

*If you are using an alchemical catalyst, add it now. This will speed up the process and make the glyph more potent.

3.Use your hands or a crafting tool to shape the mixture into the desired glyph shape.

4.Allow the glyph to cool and harden, then it is ready to use.

The Benefits of the Trifling Glyph of Health

The Trifling Glyph of Health is one of the most popular glyphs among players of The Elder Scrolls Online. It provides a significant boost to your health, which can be extremely helpful in both PvE and PvP situations. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of the Trifling Glyph of Health and how it can help you in your adventures in Tamriel.

How to Make the Trifling Glyph of Health

In order to make the Trifling Glyph of Health, you will need the following ingredients:

-1 Pristine Dermal Membrane
-1 Pinch of powdered Nightshade
-1 Pinch of Cinnabar
-1 Small amount of Pure water

Start by combining the Pristine Dermal Membrane and the powdered Nightshade in a mortar and pestle. Grind the ingredients together until they form a thick paste. Next, add the Cinnabar to the paste and mix it in thoroughly. Finally, add a small amount of Pure water to thin out the mixture and help it adhere to surfaces better. Once everything is combined, you can use the Glyph on any suitable surface.

The Final Product

After you have performed the steps required to create the glyph, you will need to trace the innermost circle with a black pen or Sharpie. This will be your “trifle” glyph. You can then add embellishments as desired – glitter, rhinestones, etc. Once you are satisfied with your design, allow the glyph to dry completely before using it in game.


First, you will need to procure some basalt and some trifling glyphs of health. You will need a crafting station in order to craft the glyphs.
Trifling Glyph of Health
Crafting Station

Next, you will need to use the crafting station to combine the basalt and the trifling glyphs of health. This will create a glyph that can be applied to your armor.
Once you have done this, you will have successfully crafted a trifling glyph of health!

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