How to Become a Health Visitor?

To become a health visitor, you must first be a licensed nurse or midwife, after which you must complete a one-year (52-week) full-time or two-year (104-week) part-time program to become a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor).

Similarly, How much do health visitors get paid UK?

Salary. The NHS Agenda for Change (AfC) pay system places health visitors in Band 6. Salary ranges from £32,306 for individuals with less than two years of experience to £39,027 for those with more than five years of experience.

Also, it is asked, What qualifications do you need to be a health visitor UK?

To apply for health visitor training, you must be a certified midwife, adult, child, mental health, or learning disability nurse. The Nursing & Midwifery Council has approved a programme in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing – Health Visiting.

Secondly, Why do I want to become a health visitor?

Health visitors have a good influence on communities in general. Health visitors may engage with a variety of families and children on their own (aged five and below). They may also collaborate closely with other health visitors, assistants, midwives, and nurses.

Also, What is the role of health visitor?

Health visitors assist families in keeping their young children healthy. This often entails visits to the client’s house. They could also work with disadvantaged populations like the homeless.

People also ask, Can I be a health visitor without being a nurse?

To become a health visitor, you must first be a licensed nurse or midwife, after which you must complete a one-year (52-week) full-time or two-year (104-week) part-time program to become a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor).

Related Questions and Answers

What GCSEs do you need to be a health visitor?

1st method A nurse’s education is required to work as a health visitor (or midwife). Although admittance requirements vary by school or institution, you’ll almost certainly need 5 GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) with a grade of C or above.

Do I need a degree to be a midwife?

To work as a midwife, you’ll need a three-year bachelor’s degree in midwifery. If you’re already a licensed adult nurse, you may attend a shorter course that lasts 18 months instead.

What are the 4 service levels in health visiting?

Model of health-visiting and school-nursing delivery. The Universal in Reach – Personalised in Response’ concept is built on four levels of service based on individual and family needs: community, universal, targeted, and specialized levels of assistance (see Figure 1).

Do health visitors wear uniform?

The profession of health visiting is not uniformed. Health visitors should dress in a manner that reflects a tidy, neutral, and professional demeanor that is appropriate to the families and coworkers they are likely to meet in practice.

How long is health visitor training?

Training and entry requirements Although the full-time program lasts 52 weeks, you may be able to train part-time for a longer amount of time. In rare cases, apprenticeships at the master’s level may be available.

Are health visitors medically trained?

Registered nurses and midwives with extra training in community public health nursing work as health visitors.

Can health visitor prescribe antibiotics?

Some health visitors have received certification as independent prescribers (V300), allowing them to prescribe from the whole BNF as long as it falls within their scope of practice, which is mother and child health.

Can you refuse to see a health visitor?

A health visitor does not have permission to enter your home unless you give her permission. You are also under no obligation to employ the services of a health visitor, and you have the right to decline to see any of them at any time.

What is a male midwife called?

Midwives (or male midwives, if additional identification is required) or accoucheurs are the terms used to describe men who work as midwives; the word midhusband (based on a misunderstanding of the origin of midwife) is sometimes used, primarily as a joke. In the past, they were referred to as man-midwives in English.

What does a health visitor assistant do?

The job’s main responsibilities General support and encouragement, breastfeeding assistance, good eating/feeding guidance, solid food introduction for newborns, safety, and the formation of clear parenting routines, behavior, and play are all part of the job.

What is the starting salary for a nurse UK?

Salary. Fully trained nurses start at £24,907 per year and work their way up to £30,615 per year on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change pay scale. Salaries in London are subject to a high-cost area surcharge. With experience, earnings for occupations like senior nurse on Band 6 rise to £31,365 to £37,890.

How much do midwives make UK?

Newly trained midwives are paid on a Band 5 scale, which begins at £25,655. Then you may go up to Band 6, which has a range of £32,306 to £39,027. Salaries in Band 7 range from £40,057 to £45,839. You’ll be working at a more senior level, such as leading a team.

What qualifications do I need to be a nurse?

You must have a nursing degree and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council to work as a nurse (NMC). You’ll need to decide which of the four nursing specialties you want to pursue (adult, children, mental health, or learning disabilities).

How do you become a community nursery nurse?

To work as a community nursery nurse, you’ll need the following qualifications:4 A certificate in nursery nursing. After your certification, you should have about two years of experience working with pre-school children. A valid driver’s license and access to a car are required.

Can you do a midwifery course online?

Studying online may help you advance your profession and improve your abilities while working around your schedule. Through online learning, we offer a variety of nursing and midwifery courses. A few of these courses may be taken as stand-alone modules to help you expand your knowledge and abilities.

What age is health visitor?

School nurses give services to children from 5 to 19 years, while health visitors provide services to children from conception to five years of age. The service will be provided in convenient local locations such as Sure Start Children’s Centers and health centers, as well as via home visits.

What ages does a health visitor check?

When will your child’s evaluations be completed? One to two weeks. Within 10 to 14 days following the delivery, a health visitor will conduct a new infant review. Approximately 6 to 8 weeks Your newborn will be subjected to a comprehensive physical examination. Approximately 9 to 12 months Two to two and a half years.

What age does a child stop seeing a health visitor?

Registered nurses or midwives with extra training in public health nursing work as health visitors. They help all families and will be there for you from conception until the age of your kid. Health visitors are in charge of teams that may comprise nursery nurses and staff nurses.

Can nurses have tattoos NHS?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of tattooed nurses and midwives on staff. It should be acceptable as long as they’re not obnoxious or ridiculous, like the tool who went on Jeremy Kyle with a skull for a face.

Can nurses wear nail polish NHS?

1 While on duty, staff delivering clinical treatment must not wear nail varnish or nail art.

Is it OK to wear scrubs in public?

Scrubs have been popular over the years, according to Dr. Perry, with some people wearing them for comfort, but many workplaces, including dental clinics, compel employees to wear them. “During this period, health-care personnel should be reminded not to wear scrubs anyplace in public.”

What’s the difference between a health visitor and midwife?

Midwives, practicing nurses, and general practitioners collaborate closely with health visitors. Your health visitor is a nurse or midwife who has completed additional training (NHS HEE nd, NHS 2017a). Your midwife will give over care for you and your baby to your designated health visitor two weeks after your baby is born.

How do health visitors work with nurseries?

Community Trusts, which operate community health services, hire health visitors and nursery nurses who work with them (as opposed to Acute Trusts which manage hospitals). You’ll be part of a team, reporting to health visitors but also interacting with social services, volunteer organizations, and parents.


A “health visitor” is a person who visits people in their homes and helps them to improve their health. They provide care for the elderly, sick, and pregnant women. They help people with disabilities. Their job is to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. The salary of a “health visitor” varies depending on where they work.

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